Code Folding
This small plugin adds the well known +/- image at the upper right corner of any code tag.

Using the image, users can easily collapse/expand a code tag, so no more endless scrolling when someone pasted a long code snippet.

  • Can be (de-)activated using forum settings
  • Default collapse state can be changed (collapsed/expanded)
  • Works together with other plugins that use the [code] tag such as the GeShi plugin by CrazyCat

Two code boxes, the first one is a standard one, the second one is a GeShi code box:
[Image: codefoldunfoldedix5.png]

Same as before but folded:
[Image: codefoldfoldedkp5.png]

[Image: codefoldsettingsuf4.png]

See it in action!

If you have any suggestions and/or feedback, I would really like to read it Wink
Great idea!
I'll try it soon.
Do not ask me help through PM or Discord

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