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[For 1.8] MMB MailerLite Connector 1.0.0 - Auto Connect to Free Newsletter Service
MyBB MailerLite Connector 1.0.0 by


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Integrate MyBB with MailerLite to automatically save new users, which consented to receive emails, to your MailerLite mailing list. From that point, you can easily create and send beautiful newsletters using the drag-and-drop interface.

This plugin allows you to connect your MyBB forums to MailerLite automatically. Fill in your MailerLite API key, and subscriber group, the plugin will do the rest.

Whenever a new forum user registers, and selects the checkbox to receive emails (the allownotices field from MyBB), the user will be queued to the MailerLite mailing list.

Performance and Data Control. A daily task will run to send the new users to the MailerLite system. This will send their username, and email address to MailerLite. By running this in a task, instead of during registration, we can avoid slowing down the user experience.

Imports Existing Users. During its first run, the plugin will import all the existing users who have consented to receive emails. It is also made sure that no duplicates will be imported.

Very Affordable. MailerLite allows you to send free email newsletters for up to 1000 subscribers, using an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. MailerLite has all the tools you need to be GDPR compliant.

Discount. When registering through the ModMyBB MailerLite link, you can receive 18 EUR in MailerLite credits, which allows you to explore premium functionality, although they are not so necessary for most forums (see note at the end of this post).

Fine-grained control. Settings are made available to choose the user table column the plugin uses to detect whether a user has consented to receive emails. Only the users which have this field set to true will be imported into MailerLite, to ensure only transferring users to the mailing list, who have agreed to it.

See our full product page for more information.

Technical Requirements: MyBB 1.8, PHP 5+

Price: Full access to all ModMyBB plugins from our lowest price 17 EUR, see memberships. Currently counting 22 plugins, all in one membership, and soon more to be released! That's only about 0.77 EUR per plugin (not available separately)!

Payment method: PayPal, Credit Card, Bank, all supported by the PayPal platform

Invoices will be sent after the order.

ModMyBB by CreateMyTech is a registered company
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Download now
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Questions and Support
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- By private message
- By e-mail to [email protected]
- By sending messages to our Facebook page

Note on MailerLite links
Note, while we are not affiliated with MailerLite, this post does contains referral links to MailerLite, which can grant you 18 EUR of free credits. This way, we can support you with free credits, while you are also supporting us in creating more MyBB Plugins! Thank you for supporting ModMyBB Smile . If you do not wish to use our referral link, feel free to use the following link: MailerLite without the referral.
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