This module provides code-pasting functionality for your website.
Currently its fixed to highlight VB Code, but that could be changed easily.

It provides a public list, where the last 10 entries are listed, except those which are set to private.

Owners can access their entries without getting the password dialog and have full control of their entries at any time.

The source of the entry can be downloaded without any highlighting.
This is almost necessary, because Firefox is unable to copy <li> items correctly (try it Wink).

The plugin provides basic security. Low security if the entry is simply not in the public list, medium security if there is a password on the entry.
The code will not be saved encrypted, because of the highlighting and because the password can be removed/changed afterwards.

  • Public list of the last entries
  • Supports GeShi highlighting
  • Supports password-protected entries (HTAccess)
  • Supports replies
  • Settings of an entry can be changed by the owner at any time
  • Entry can be deleted by the owner at any time

  • Complete admin menu
  • Implement dropdown for other languages
  • Need to think about the remaining replies when deleting a post

The public list, notice that password-protected entries are marked with a lock:
[Image: pasteitlistkw7.png]

A sample entry:
[Image: pasteitviewal7.png]

The settings:
[Image: pasteitsettingsiq3.png]

See it in action!

If you have any comments and/or suggestions, I'd like to read them Wink

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