Not Solved [Error Message] error message after using the unsubscript link in e-mail
Not Solved
In the notification email the last link is not function.
It says:

If you do not wish to receive further notifications of new comments in this topic, please use your browser to the following address:{9}


The error message in MyBB is:

The authorization codes do not match. Are you using this feature correctly? Please go back and try again.

Is this known by someone and what is causing it?

Ton van Steenoven

Not Solved
Can you to to ACP > Tools & Maintenance > File Verification > run this and see what it says? It looks like you have some outdated files.
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Hi Matt,

I did the latest update of MyBB, as I aware off with succes, to 1.18.27

These are the versions overall:


The check you mentioned gives the following result


Is it possible that this is the couse of the link error?



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