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phpbb has an addon which is allow to show first image preview hover thread link. wondering if anyone can make something like this
30s searching in extend part gives Thread Preview
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thank for the link but it's bit different. this plugin only shows the first image of the thread.
I have a private plugin for that, mainly display the image, not the popup, but can be customized. There is no such free plugin as far as I'm concerned.
Additionally, this could be achieved with xThreads, but users will need to assign a custom image for each post (xThreads won't detect the image itself).

But xThreads doesn't do the hover style either, basically you do everything yourself.
xthreads is really cool, but i could not able to create new forum section until i uninstall xthreads plugin.

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You should fix the issues instead of avoid them, I use xThreads in MyBB 1.8.27 with no issues.
try to create new category or section, you will find sql errror.
Would be easier if you share the error and we help you to fix it.

Try the package from Gitgub:

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