Not Solved How to integrate my login and registration system with mybb
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I already have a login and registration system and I want it to create accounts on mybb when someone registers on my login and registration system, is this possible?
Not Solved
It is possible in general.

You need to migrate the user from your login system into the MyBB system. That means a new user must be created in the MyBB users table with at least the following fields:
- username
- email
- password (hash + salt)
- loginkey
- usergroup
- regdate
- regip
(all other fields can be left default)

Mind the password generation of MyBB! So minimum password length + hashing + salt.
You can rely on MyBB routines to generate the password in member.php.

This new user needs a record in the table. So either you do using SQL or include the MyBB PHP files to make an automatic registration process.

What is your current login system look like?
When using any directory service (Active Directory for example), you can also have a look for authentication plugins (e.g. LDAP) to use with MyBB.

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