Insert Post Template into Postbit When Selected
hello! I was trying to find someone who would be willing to code a plug-in for those of us who like to use specific post templates in our posts when writing. 

for example, i'd like to have a field in the user control panel that says "post templates". it gives the user a text entry box for "template name" & "template code", and a "save template" button that saves the text they enter into the text area. 

then, when a user is about to post a new reply or new thread, a select menu is on that page that says "post templates", with a drop down of each template they've saved from the user cp. when they select that template, it automatically adds the template code into the $message textarea for them to edit as they please.

it would have to allow users to submit pure html/style tags into the textarea in the user cp that allows them to submit different templates. i want any user to be able to have their own templates, so it must be able to differentiate between which user is posting templates. 

i would like the user to be able to edit or delete past saved templates as well.

see below for an example of a template i'd like a user to be able to insert into the user cp textarea.

<style> #table { background: white; } </style>

<div id="table"></div>
I have this plugin for MyBB 1.6 :

But it only allows for a single "template".
(2021-09-07, 01:49 PM)Omar G. Wrote: I have this plugin for MyBB 1.6 :

But it only allows for a single "template".

Would there be a way to configure it to allow unlimited templates?
No, I plan to code a plugin like the one you mention, but it will probably be for MyBB 1.9

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