[Hiring Staff] HIRAETH: Semi-Realistic Wolf RPG
name of site: HIRAETH
site plot:

Once upon a time, in a period long, long ago, the land of Hiraeth was nothing but a cosmic particle, floating endlessly against the motion of the Neros sea. The world was quiet, stiffening, and knew nothing of the seasons or what it meant to be night or day. Existence was simple, life was continuous, and the tether that tied mortals to their plane of reality was not yet secured.

And then, came light. And with light, had to come dark. Almost as if the universe had combusted into itself, the first rays of morning sunshine cradled the harsh and weathering sea. And when the universe looked upon those incessant waves and felt the world was too violent, it bestowed upon Hiraeth a single, giant oak tree — one of which that seemed to have roots that spanned miles, curling into the earth and wrapping around the continent it inhabited. Beneath the oak tree, crystals began to form, many of all shapes and sizes and colors. Eventually, twelve crystals began to beat like a dozen pulsating hearts beneath the oak tree’s trunk, swaddled in the roots that had given them life.

It was not long before the land around the oak tree began to grow and expand, mountains rising from the earth and rivers streaming from the cracks. A volcano now sat mighty in the land, steaming and smoking from the tip. It did not lay dormant for long. As if baptizing the world for the first time, the volcano erupted in streams of flashing red and orange, lava flowing like the blood of gods as it rained hellfire upon Hiraeth. On that day, almost eons ago, 6 pairs of eyes opened underneath the oak tree.

Risen from their eternal slumber, the deities awoke from their crystalline tomb.

A bear yawned and the oceans calmed.
A fox smiled behind dark lashes, and the forest fell to shadows.
An owl flapped a set of snowy-white wings, and the winds howled.
A fawn touched a nose to the first bloom of spring, and the volcano became lifeless.
A starfish washed upon shore, and the scorched earth became anew.
A hare blinked, and a decade passed.

Although they were newborns themselves, the gods awoke with archaic knowledge not known to any mortal before. Indeed, they were immortal — they were untouchable, undying, and ever-present.

Finding their new home rather charming, each settled in a different section of the continent, but developed nomadic habits out of their innate curiosity of the mortal realm. Before they left to seek out their own devices, each inscribed a special symbol into the stones placed around their birthplace, those that could bowing their heads to the oak that had brought them out of their sleep. Now that the world had welcomed a new set of gods, the universe handed over its mystery and power in order for the six to keep peace and balance in its absence.

And now they watch.

Hiraeth is a fantastical dreamscape, an ageless land untouched by the human presence and waiting to be sculpted by its inhabitants. The realm of Hiraeth is a large continental island situated deep within the sea of Neros. Despite the location being that of a tropical region, many varying climates and landforms can be found throughout the vast lands. These drastic variants in weather patterns and climate are thought to be caused by the deities, a collection of strange creatures that are believed to reside within.

The only currently known way to enter or exit Hiraeth is by traveling through a strange pass, a land bridge that extends from the depths of The Unknown Wood. Located on the far north-western side of the continent and created by ancient run-off from a massive volcanic explosion decades ago, this connecting passage leads to places unknown. It is rumored that the crossing is blocked off by a small mountain of jagged boulders ...

So what could be on the other side?

TDLR; Basically, Hiraeth is an up and coming wolf rpg site deeply rooted in a D&D-inspired rolling system, epic, random encounters with a full set of deities, and plenty of plot juice to keep it going for ages. We pride ourselves on the extensive work put into the lore and components, with a very lengthy guidebook for any and all questions.

kind of staff needed:

1. We really need a good admin to join our team! We may even accept two if we see a perfect fit. Currently, we have two admins, myself included, and one moderator. Admins don't have too many responsibilities right now because we haven't opened just yet, but we are still discussing each day how parts of the site will function and love hearing input from multiple sides. In the future when we do open, admins will be the first face members see when they enter our Discord, so we need them to be active and just as excited as the rest of us!

2. We also would love to welcome some moderators on board. At the most 3, as this is a very involved site that requires multiple hands and minds to bring it to the best it can be. Moderators are also not doing much right now, but upon opening we will need their lovely minds and hands to help out with character acceptance, denial, general questions, and site upkeep.

requirements: We honestly don't have a lot of requirements. A big must is activity.

We won't hound you to be around, but we have put a lot into the site thus far and want people that want to be around! A second requirement (more of a suggestion, not a must) are people with backgrounds in html/javascript/php/etc. If you know your way around code, you're a wonderful asset to our team.

We have all of the art lined up and commissioned, but having a staff member that is available to do small pieces here and there for the site is always a lovely bonus. Definitely not a requirement, but something to think about if you're interested!

Last and probably one of the most important ones: have some kind of background in site management. Whether you were a moderator, admin, or site-helper, we want you to already be prepared for what managing a site will be like.

other: We're not yet open! If you're interested, you can reply to this thread or DM bundt#2177 on Discord.

ideal applicant:

Our ideal applicant would be:

1. Someone that listens to other staff members and raises their voice when they have a concern or idea.

2. Someone that knows their way around MYBB, or at least knows how to learn more about the platform.

3. A friend. We aren't going to treat this like a business! We are all friends here, and we want you to feel at home and comfortable when working with the rest of us.

4. Someone who understands the requirements and comes in with a background in site-management.

5. You must be 18+. We are a mature site, so mature staff is required.

That's it! I hope we get some interested folk in here, as I see this site becoming a very large, welcoming community for all. Let me know if you have any questions or need clarification! My Discord contact is in the Other section, but I'm leaving it at the bottom again just in case.


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