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I am migrating MyBB from one server to another. Is Merge the wrong tool for this? The old system has MyBB version 1.8, a few years old, and I have installed the latest version on the new server.

When I try to run merge, I get:

Fatal error: Class 'AbstractPdoDbDriver' not found in /var/www/html/mybb/inc/db_mysql_pdo.php on line 11

I have tried a few tricks, but nothing that really fixed it.

Am I barking up the wrong tree and I should move this forum in the different way?

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You don't need to use the merge system to move hosts, you just need to copy over your files and import a database backup. Using the merge system would require the old database to be on the new server anyway. Once the files are uploaded and a database backup has been imported, you will just need to edit your database details in ./inc/config.php to be the new details.
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Thanks, worked and a lot easier.

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