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So I'm just about ready to give up and install phpBB, as I've never had this much trouble in my forty decades of IT life.  But I'll give it one more shot just in case there's something I'm doing wrong.

After installing the program (finally) I go and try and upload an avatar to my profile and get "file upload failed please try again with a valid file".  This avatar is the exact same file I used here.  So clearly there is something wrong with my BB installation somewhere.

ALL files are 777, so it's not a file permissions thing.  I did have an issue with the tmp directory that is (still) keeping me from putting custom themes in, even though I had my host make a tmp folder (with all permissions) above the root.  So perhaps that's still something of an issue.  But otherwise I have no idea.

I'm thinking more and more this just isn't designed to run on Windows servers, where my Snitz system worked just fine.  The good news is that phpBB is native to my host so I'll just move to that.  But, honestly, I *REALLY* wanted to use this (still do, but I'm thinking it's not for me).
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This looks like an issue related to PHP when you try to upload a file and it fails with some error message look in the error_log more information about what is going the wrong way should be available there.This file is usually located in the website root directory.

another thing is your host is able to disable uploads via php in a file called php.ini however if you are on shared hosting you will not be able to change this yourself in this case you need to contact your host and ask them to change php.ini for your account to allow file uploads.

Also you need to post the PHP  and database engine version you are using i believe mybb does not fully support PHP 8 yet.
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As covered in your other thread ( this is a server-level issue with a missing temporary folder.

phpBB may be available as auto-installable software within your control panel, but it's going to be running the same code to upload files as MyBB does so will have the same problems. This isn't software-specific, it's server-level.
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Okay, I get that perhaps it's a host problem - but how do I ask them to fix it? What, exactly, do I ask them to do?

I never had any issues running Snitz but I do understand it used a different protocol. And, yes, phpBB might have the same issues but at least I could say to my host "could you please just make phpBB run?". I feel like I don't have nearly enough information here to get this resolved on my server.

Oh, and I don't know if it helps or not, but WordPress IS installed and works fine on my host. (I have no idea if this is relevant but someone I thought mentioned that app).

I'm also thinking here that if I DO get phpBB up and running perhaps by making them do that it will enable myBB. We'll see, because at this point I'm giving up for now.
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Are the three systems you are running required to be on the same server?
I don't know much about running Access database on a public facing server, so can't begin to make any recommendation there.
But, if they are separate domains, there might be a solution to host the MyBB forum elsewhere.
I may have space on a VPS. PM me your storage requirements.
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Snitz runs on a Windows server.  
MyBB and phpBB run on Linux servers.
When I had Snitz and tried to run MyBB on the Windows server, I found that I could - but. . .there were special changes to make and I think that php.ini was one of them.

At the time, I had to have my host help me to run the php based software to run on Windows server - it can be done but it's not straight forward like using a Linux server for php based software.

You probably won't get the help that you need from this forum because the Windows IIS server has different requirements.
You might get lucky with trying phpBB on IIS.
If not, you're choices will be to obtain access to a Linux server and operate two forums on different servers.
Or ditch the Snitz and simply run with MyBB / phpBB on a Linux.  Or stick with Snitz on IIS.

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