Not Solved How do I enable email registration?
Not Solved
So in the old forum I used to run I had to enter my own email server to be used to send out confirmation emails to users.  I don't see that option anywhere in MyBB although I'm sure it's there somewhere.  In any case, no emails are being sent, obviously, so no new users can register.

Can someone point me to where I can provide the email server details so users will get that confirmation email?

Okay, I found where PHP mail is selected... but it doesn't seem to be working.

My system is a Windows system and PHP was kind of backbreaking for them to even enable. I'm going to guess this method won't work. If I use SMTP, though, I can't specify my email server address. How the heck do I get this to work?

Okay, went to SMTP and lots of settings there. In fact, many more than I wanted. But I *think* I have them all except for the port number.

I couldn't find this anywhere but I assume this will be something I can ask my server admin about tomorrow. Unless folks here could suggest a common one to try in the meantime.

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