The Inventory Shop lives on!
In my days without internet I have been extensively working on the Inventory Shop Plugin.

I have fixed numerous bugs and I have changed a lot of the code.

I am still developing on it at the moment but I will release it one way or another.

The new version will be suffixed "Gamma 1" and work the same way as Betas work.

Here is a list of a few things I have added:
  • Donate to other users
  • All Shop functions have been put into a Class.
  • Version Checking between the version number in the new class_shop.php file and the inventoryshop.php plugin file, to ensure everything is up to date.
  • More that I have forgotten at the moment. Toungue

I will get this released soon one way or another. I'm quite proud of this little piece of work I've done. Big Grin
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Will this work on version 1.2 of MyBB?

Because currently the download available is not working on my forum, or anyone elses ^_^.
When will you release stabil versiyon, Ryan?
Nice nice small list Toungue
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