Not Solved [How To?] Showing Posts on Profile without Plugins
Not Solved
Any way to pull users posts and show on profile without the use of plugins?

I wanted to do a jquery that'll pull the users posts from the search page but since the search page is a redirect and doesn't include the user's UID in the url this script wont work. Any other solutions?

<div id="posts-on-profile"></div>
$( "#posts-on-profile" ).load( "search.php?action=finduser&uid={$memprofile['uid']} #tborder" );

Once redirected to the posts/search result page this is how the url appearsĀ search.php?action=results&sid=842525eaa9ac4f8a37c253d64c14521b. So the code above definitely won't work.
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Not Solved
You're going to need a plugin for this.

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