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I would like to know what you recommend to configure the forum in such a way that the language is modified according to the domain extension, for example, .com (english) or (spanish). But not only the language of the forum, but also that the posts are posts only in the language that the post is loaded.

To do this, I think an option may be to do another installation and configuration of the forum, so that it loads that installation if you enter .com. The difficulty? Is that if I plan to modify a section of the forum, I have to make the modification in both forums, if I have to add a functionality and configure it, I have to do it in both forums. Another difficulty of this is that if users also want to participate in the English language forum, they will have to re-register and it would be good if it does not have to be like that and that the level of participation score in both languages is detailed when entering the profile of the user.

Another option can be to create the /es or /en folders and configure the forum in both folders. I think that's the way it works right? but it would have the difficulty that I have already mentioned.

I don't know if the forum can be configured to work like this, if so, I apologize in advance.

Recommendations? Any plugin that can do this?
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It is difficult to differentiate the forum language for a specific domain when using one forum installation - especially when you're using language dependent forums.
It makes no sense to have douplicate file copies of the forum to achieve a language dependent selection.

One solution that I am using as a workaround sucessfully would be like:
- Choose a default language for the landing page of the forum
- Add a button set for specific regions/languages, e.g. [English] [Spanish] [Portuguese] etc.

Add these buttoms as form elements into your templates... into the Header Template for example:
<form method="POST" action="./forum-1.html">
	<input type="hidden" name="my_post_key" value="{$mybb->post_code}" />
	<input type="hidden" name="language" value="english" />
	<button type="submit" alt="English" title="English" class="...">English</button>
<form method="POST" action="./forum-2.html">
	<input type="hidden" name="my_post_key" value="{$mybb->post_code}" />
	<input type="hidden" name="language" value="spanish" />
	<button type="submit" alt="Spanish" title="Spanish" class="...">Spanish</button>

When your forum does have language dependent subforums, then change the the form paramater action="" to that value of your forum ID.
This will lead to change the language and get into the subforum.

You can also create a very separate landing webpage for each domain with buttons or even an automatic HTTP Redirect to the specific forum with a specific language set. To be fair, I am not sure if you can send form parameters in a HTTP redirect. Maybe this can be achieved using htaccess!?

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