[Pushed] Guest posts are not quoted properly - with soultion
Greetings, this is some annoying bug we wanted to report it, some fix is needed in the core code.

Guest posts are not quoted properly when regular forum user or a guest replies it. Here it is how it looks like:

Steps to reproduce:
Respond to a thread as guest per show_thread_quickreply. This works ok. Then a regular user quote the above guest post. The result will be as per the link  above.

in the mybb_posts table, there is a field called USERNAME. When a guest user sets a name, it is stored in the field. When using Show Thread quickrepy template, the field stays empty. This means guest username is "".
In turn, when quoting the post by a regular user, the "quote="USERNAME" part is truncated by the .js editor i suppose to "quote". So for the editor in the second step the quote looks like and is saved as
[quote pid="176040" dateline="1634305669"] and should look like
[quote="" pid="176040" dateline="1634305669"]
For Show Thread the quote without the ="" is not valid and is not interpreted as a quote at all, hence this result.

Additional info
The problem is the same when a guest user responds by new reply, but does not choose any username and leaves the field blank.

PS. We have a bunch of problems with guest posts, but this one is the most annoying, as it requires fixing the quotes all the time.

Thank you for your report. We have pushed this issue to our Github repository for further analysis where you can track our commits and progress with fixing this bug. Discussions regarding this bug may also take place there too.

Follow this link to visit the issue on Github: https://github.com/mybb/mybb/issues/4492

Thanks for contributing to MyBB!

The MyBB Group
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