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I have recently inherited a forum that had a few legacy issues, its taken me a while to get on top of most of them but there is one I just cant work out.

I am running Simplicity Dark Theme
I have Quick Advanced Editor 2.2.6 Installed.
MyBB 1.8.27
PHP 5.6.40

The issue seems to be when ever you try to quick edit a post you get a loading circle in the top right corner and then nothing. See attached .jpg
Full Edit works perfectly, Quick Edit not at all.

Forum is located at:

I can supply a Test Account.
I am just stumped, I imagine its a legacy issue with a piece of manual code left behind from my predecessor but I cant find it.

Additional Details
Hopefully this is helpful.

[Image: 2021-11-03-11-45-19.jpg]

[Image: 2021-11-03-11-49-44.jpg]

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Bump? No one has any suggestions?
Not Solved
Try removing the {$headerinclude} variable from your footer template (it shouldn't be there). If that doesn't solve the problem, then we can dig deeper.

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