Not Solved Awaiting Administrator Activation???
Not Solved
Hi to all,

in 4 years of having a forum with so many Awaiting Email Activation users, now it showed up for the very first time Awaiting Administrator Activation and I am really confused because this never happened before.

Can someone tell me why this is showing for the first time, is it maybe because the e-mail scores as IP fraud, and is blacklisted.
I did this after many searches and other than that I do not know the reason for this "Awaiting Administrator Activation" but it would be nice to be aware of what it is and why it did show up?
Not Solved
Check the value of your setting in the ACP here:

Home » Board Settings » Login and Registration Options » Registration Method

Perhaps it changed at some point. I'm not sure.
Not Solved
I am also aware of this problem after upgrading, especially it happens with gmails.

But i tried to create an account on my forum, it worked even if the activation email landed in to the spam folder of my email.

So, i am not sure if Gmail changed something or it is something else.

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