[Services Offer] Some Plugins and Sofwares you can order to me
Here I list the ideas for making a plugin, if you want to build, you can order to me. (Ideas are not all mine,I also used other systems Big Grin )

1. Limit Post Link  - you limit number of link on post for specific usergroups.
2. Message Above Editor - you can insert message Above Editor .
3. Find / Replace on Posts Content
4. Minimum Message Length
5. Thread title limitation
6. Minimum thread title length
7. Username Change
8. Thread header cover
9. Daily Statistics
10. Read Private Chat Conversations for admin
11. Auto delete by conditions
12. Auto close by conditions
13. Invisible reCAPTCHA for Conversations
14.  Manage Meta tags
15. Bookmark Post Bottom
16. Ajax Search widget for every where
17. Image Slider Generator
18. Menu Maker
19. Post Guard : admin can prevent insert post include specific  regex
20. Booking System
21. Windows sofware for Convert doc file to thread
22. wordpress && mybb Sync
23. Pin post to top (sticky) plugin
24. Integrating MyBB Login With Wordpress
25. Math plugin (This addon will turn all LaTeX math on your forum to a fancy, sharp and scalable math!)
26. Download section by post Attachments
27. Real time chat (socket programming or other methods)[url=https://xenforo.com/community/resources/bs-real-time-chat.7439/][/url]
28.   Visitor statistics
29. Remove RSS Feeds From The Site
30. media player plugin
31. custom variables
32. custom scripts
33. find close friend with google map
34. Old Thread Notice
35. custom thread/post fields
36. Chart plugin
37. Temporarily ban the group
38. Featured media - Displays a block containing featured media.
39. Featured images - Displays a block containing featured images.
40. Hide Replies in Thread - Allows to hide all replies except first and posted by visitor in specified nodes
41. Save Thread Filters - Save as default your filters for thread listing on forum view page
42. Chat application for members.
43. Captcha login
44. Change register date
45. Warning in old threads.
46. Finding Friend Plugin

Last Update : 2022-08-09

  1. The plugin that we can edit the sent private messages .
  2. post can moved to anywhere in the same thread ex:- a no#3 post can be moved to no#1 or no#5 or #no13 etc.
  3. A truth and dare game plugin that a member will sent requests other members to come his playroom , after members came their avatars will show as group in round shape and a bottle will appear in middle. They will be numberized (1,2,3,4.... etc.) according to who is the 1st accepter of the request . After click the bottle by the 1st member the bottle's head part will stop towards at a random member's avatar he will choose truth or dare by submit button and the 1st member will give him task to do or will ask a question by writting the question in editor and the persion will answer with that . This will be going on by 2nd person as well third and as well......
  4. stop members to edit the thrread subject or title by edit the 1st post.
  5. Push Notification for MyBB that it will sent notifications for every update in subscribed thread or in that member's most viewd thread , his most replied thread .
  6. <style></style> tag can be use in html posts .
  7. report option for a thread in forum thread list page or for a member in members profile page .
  8. pdf reader like books pages in google pdf books sample
  9. insert a new post in a thread in any-where with any post number.
  10. gender or country bassed deafult avatar
  11. quote/reply option or quote+   option for selected text or phrase in posts
  12. choose a random lucky person live in announcement or in a thread for a contest from a perticular thread's comments  like as select a lucky winner from Youtube comments section
  13. like and various emotions post option in post button like xenforo
  14. option for my codes that a specific group can use that my code
  15. when a post or thread will be soft delete or permanantely delete then the copy of that deleted post or thread will be copied to a given perticular forum and a recovery option also well be their to recover , if the mod or admin recovers it their or in original post/thread that will be recoverd.
  16. background music option in posts that if we set a music for a paragraph if a persoen reached that paragraph by scrolling there that song will be played , by hovering a stop music option will be appear.
(2022-01-10, 04:28 PM)PARADOXP Wrote: so i can post the ideas here ?

Yes, only in one post and update the same.
thank you

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