Not Solved [How To?] Need a query to clear out an entire block of members
Not Solved
Yes, the title may be a bit deceiving, but still true.
I manage a board for a senior citizen who has made quite a mess of banning and banning by IP address.
Despite the fact that I set up the automated pruning system in the settings AND I set up explicit, step by step instructions on how to do this, the moderators seem to think that banning accounts is the way to do this.

As it stands now I will have to lift the ban on each account then I have to remember the name of the person who Iam editing and then go look that up and delete them manually. <-----that's a lot of work I am not willing to do.

ALL the banned IP addresses are obviously attached to an account.

Is there a query that I can use to just get rid of all these banned IP addresses with one click?

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