[Services Request] Modify Bankpipe Plugin
Paying anyone to achieve this for me.
Add me on Discord if you can do it: iu#0007

 Plugin Request: BankPipe modification
A modified version of Bankpipe (https://www.mybboost.com/thread-beta-bankpipe-beta-11) that allows for automatic recurring subscription payments at the end of the billing period, which will work for users who pay using PayPal.
⦁ This includes a checkbox at the checkout page that will say something similar to "Allow recurring payment at end of subscription period"
⦁ Another page/checkbox for the user to cancel their recurring payment on their profile or order history in the User CP
BankPipe relies on Omnipay, which is a solid third-party payments gateway. Unfortunately it does not support recurring payments; PayPal's module does not offer such functionality as a stand-alone package. You'd need to implement that in Omnipay's PayPal module, which likely requires adapting Omnipay itself.

I suggest you change the plugin base entirely. BankPipe is not suitable for such a modification.
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