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(Already posted in plugin requests)
Im looking for a plugin where you can create your own team (see this as a group). You can invite people to your team. There should also be a kind of "team profile", where the team members, team logo, team banner will be displayed. The creator of the team should be assigned as the team captain.

Second plugin (or second function of the first plugin)
This plugin should allow admins to create tournaments. Lets say I create a tournament. Then a tournament page will be created. On this page; the date of the tournament start, check-in end date, banner for the tournament, a description, participating teams, and a button to participate in the tournament. Teams should be able to participate in these tournaments. Maybe even a tournament schedule should be displayed.

Not Solved
(2022-02-24, 10:56 PM)Asma Wrote: (Already posted in plugin requests)

Then not sure why it needed to be posted again in the completely wrong forum.
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