Does anyone know how to contact Omar G. I haven't received my credits for over a week
Does anyone know how to contact Omar directly? I have paid him on the 28/02 through his website and I still haven't received my credits. I have sent him multiple messages through the forums here, discord and email. He replied once on the 03/03 asking if the matter was resolved to which I replied 3 hours later to saying no, provided my username, email, and TXID but I still have not received a reply from him or my credits

If there is something else pending for you please let me know. I'm reading unread PMs, emails, and messageson multiple platforms as fast as possible but it is possible I missed a message from you if there was any.

If there still something pending for you send me a message on Discord Omar G.#6117 and a PM here too so I don't miss your message as I am currently trying to catch up on Discord as well.


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