Looking to team up with dev - Talented designer here
Hi there, it's Lunar ! I am a 28 years old designer from Quebec - Canada.

https://xd.adobe.com/view/049461ae-07b1-...fullscreen ( of course it's a work in progress...)

[Image: XMINT-Preview.png]

I am working on a Forum design and I thought may be a dev would want to collaborate with me ? 

I have tons of idea. I can show you more of my works as well, I just don't want to publish here as I don't want to create any publicity for me or something.

I just come here to ask if any dev wants to collaborate with me. I know nothing about HTML/CSS/PHP, my cup of tea is to create beautifull stuff.

Just reply here with your Discord or something Smile

Have a very nice day,

- Lunar

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