Not Solved merge stuck halfway through a module
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thanks for the support so far it has been appreciated. with lots of help ive been getting the merge software  going, but ive hit a snag with the merge forums module ....please see attached. as other modules are dependent on this im a bit stuck so any help would be appreciated

ive attached a screen shot

mybb : 1.8.30



it has merged all of the forums in nicely but its stuck at that point

every time run it i hit that same error....... but all of the forums have merged over, i just cant get that it to finish that module and all of the others are dependent on it so i cant run thme


any suggestions as to where i can find the solution ? from what i have seen its related to a column having a value or no value but i dont know where else to search
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If you're on MySQL 8+ (or MariaDB-equivalent versions), please try using the dev build:
Could be wrong but worth a try.

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