Not Solved [General] big help needed after merge i have been demoted to mod from admin
Not Solved
hi, ive been carrying out the merge and most things went well..... but i have a major problem in that it has changed all of the permissions and now my login, which was the only admin has been demoted to no one is admin. how do i change this back as it has also created other mod useres from the old forum... and its down graded me from mybb version 1.8.30 to version 1.8.22

mybb version 1.8.22

im really in a mess so would appreciate any help or advice

from one of the screens where i am logged in i still show as admin but not when i try to log in. ive had to close it temporarily 




is there anyway i can revert myself back to admin?

this is what i see now


user is mod not admin

ok, so ive reinstated a archived database so everything is back as it was before the merge and i am back to being admin (only one) but i dont know how to stop it happening again.
as the only admin i got demoted during the merge to mod when it merged users and goups

any advice at all would be great, is there any way after the merge if i get demoted to mod that i can go in and reinstate myself as admin?

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