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Greetings all,
I am installing this new bb and I think it is very powerful. It just seems like it is overly complicated to modify te template. I have two questions, for now. You must accept my apology if this has been asked before; I tried searching the forum and couldn't find the answer, so here goes:

1. Is there a list of ways to use template variables? I want to have a breadcrumb menu, which I understand is in the Navigation template set. What is the variable name for that breadcrumb function? I don't want that menu to reside in header as on some pages I do some different things before creating a content section, if you understand. I want to call that breadcrumb on pages such as Show Thread, Forum Display, etc.. How do I invoke that variable?

2. Where do I modify the $attachbox variable that is used in the New Reply section? This section is stretching out my whole design and I simply want to attach a style to the <input type=file ... of the attachbox. I don't know exactly where to edit this variable.

You must excuse me being a total newbie to myBB. I think it's great and has lots of potential. Of course with great power comes great difficulty of understanding.

Your help is greatly appreciated.
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1. Should be <navigation>
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Thank you, you will be ranked. Two things left unresolved for me:

1. How do you know when to use a variable syntax like <navigation> or use syntax like $header?

2. How do I get to the $attachbox variable? What grout of templates is this in? I simply want to add a style and a class to the <input tag.

Thanks again and sorry for the super noob questions.
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To find out what templates are being used on a given page, for example the index page of your forum, open a new broweser window and goto your forum index next, open another new window and login to your AdminCP.

With the first window that you open right click and view the source code, You'll notice there's a load of coment tags with either start: or end: and then after theres the template name.

This is how I find out where edit the contents of that template, FireFox is excellent for as it has tabbed browsing and it colours you code, so it is easy to know where the comment tags are, they are the green ones.

That is how I do things when I goto edit templates. This may not sound clear, but you should get the hang of it.

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