Good habits to best maintain the board.
So I assume there are some beneficial or recommended habits to follow in order to keep one's board running well etc.

I made backups this morning and I'm wondering what other tips and tricks there may be.

- Keep good members in - spammers out Smile
- Regular backups is a major point in terms of data security and loss. Don't rely on backups made by your hosting provider. Save these backups on your own media as well.
- In ACP check that pre-defined tasks are running (they do a couple of board clean-ups).
- If possible, you can run SQL: OTPIMIZE TABLE(...) statement on heavy-used tables once in a while. This will reorganize the table fragmentation and spaces.

Further server and system maintenance depends on your permitted access to hosting and webspace.
It could be worth to check log files for system, webserver, php and mybb.
If you're not able to access a managed server/webspace, dont worry about server-side logs.

In most case, a standard webspace is well robust - and the MyBB forum system is robust as well.

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