Helladius Dark - MyBB 1.8 Theme Concept
Hi guys! 

I start working from few days at one new project, named [Helladius Dark] MyBB.
Main theme is the White Default one from MyBB. 

I made a lot of changes, but I still want to add more! 

I let you see all what I make until now on official website demo: 


I wait from you all replyes with opinions / suggestions / criticism.
Thank you and I hope you like it! 

[Image: ItV3Hwn.png]

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The forumbit you have made without table layout , that's amazing..... do you have any intension for making this responsive ?
Yes! This theme will be available in 2 versions with responsive design also.

1. With menu on TOP
2. With menu on LEFT side

What improvements you think I can add ?
I have implimented a responsive table less desgine in forumbit and forumdisplay threadlist
chech it here :- https://forum.storytales.xyz/

do you think we can adapt it your theme ?
I used in my theme flex display, not table. This flex have more functions and easy to adapt it on any resolutions. You should try it!

The theme you use (Roundo base) as far as I know has a responsive design. It looks ok.
I recommend you start with the classic theme. In the first phase, install all the plugins you think you need, and if they are compatible with the classic MyBB theme, you won't have any problems with adapting the responsive design.
Then what about this my current website

(2022-06-23, 10:56 AM)PARADOXP Wrote: Then what about this my current website


Theme what you have in your forum have no changes than original theme! 

I'm sorry but I have to say it ! 
Quote:<meta name="copyright" content="PARADOX">
<meta name="classification" content="Social, Forum, Humans, Stories">
<meta name="category" content="Forum">
<meta name="web_content_type" content="Forum">
<meta name="url" content="https://storiespedia.com">
<meta name="classification" content="forum">
<meta name="web_author" content="PARADOX">
<meta name="coder" content="PARADOX">
<meta name="designer" content="PARADOX">
<meta name="owner" content="Storiespedia">

Design with  Heart  by PARADOX

What's this ? For respect of official author of this theme, delete your wattermark from these sections! 
Theme is free on internet because someone doesn't respect the work of others because they have too much money and buy things and offer as free. 

( Stabilizer Mybb Theme [Fully Customize] )

Don't  get mad, but when you show me someone else's work and say it's yours ... it's not okay.
When did i mention that i am owner of that theme.......... I totally re-modified that theme hence the author dosen't sell this anymore or support anymore and not care anymore , i managed to keep that alive since 2022 stll today.....
I tried the Stabilizer theme! You did not mention that you are the author of it, but you went to the footer: Design with <3 by PARADOX! That simply means that you created that design.

Do not get me wrong! I'm just saying it's not okay to do that.

ON: We deviate from the subject. Regarding my topic, what improvements do you think can be made?
I was thinking of adding something new in USER - PROFILE, which is currently empty and the other part is under development.

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