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Yah I registered and the first time for me it was blank as well. Send yourself another activation code email and it should work....
Well i'm on my second lettel and there all blank Sad
ok, i have activated u snake. i dunno why u couldn't sign up straight away.........
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site looks good mate joined up Smile
Into Cars? Forums and Specs
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I think the blank thing is a problem in mybb is happend when i came on this forum.

i need some people to submit some skins and hacks over here so if anyone is interested, just send me a pm over there. also i need some moderators and admins for that mybbskins can become even better Big Grin
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Hey Mo,

what happened to your forum? Can't access it for days...Rolleyes
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Not just his. Aparently the server was attacked, so they had to close it down for a bit meaning all sites that were on ivolvehost are down. Hopefully it should be back soon though.
ok, thanks to dempsey, i have a new site,
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omg :| so thats why my site doesn't work :'( i had to switch over to ffa-hosting instead. i'll be back over at ivolvehost as soon as it comes up again.

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