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Hello MyBB, 

I'm back with another stupid MyBB Thread that will probably get overlooked and pissed on. So, those emails aren't sending? Is it starting to become a problem for you? Must be troublesome trying to figure it out. Well, not to worry. I will try and provide you the best guide on MyBB so you don't have to go looking around the internet.

Assuming you're using PHP Mailer by Default. We will start with this and work our way to SMTP. Generally, MyBB by default uses PHP Mailer to send those activation emails. So, let's begin. 

  1. Admin > Tools & Maintenance Tab > Check All of your logs for discrepancies. If you found something take it, one step at a time.
  2. Check cPanel or Direct Admin Email logs for any incoming or outgoing errors. It will look something like this. As you can see we have a little problem in Direct Admin. Apparently my host is getting blacklisted by Outlook.com. Why the hell is it getting black listed?  Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email (mxtoolbox.com) You can use any email black list site and run the ip to see the reason why. I run a hack forum so the host I picked gives me more freedom. Well, the downside to this is my hosts credibility goes down and we get blacklisted. How can we get unblack listed? Well, ask your hosting provider to put you on a different ip range. Or simply use a different host that's more credible. 
  3. [Image: em.png]
  4. Smtp is generally self-explanatory. Just enter the correct server details and bam it should work. If you experience an issue with it, it could be a connection issue. Check the server. 
  5. If a host is blacklisting you, just allow specific emails to be registered and put a notice inside your registration field so the potential user knows. 

You thought this was going to be a fancy long drawn-out post huh?  Rolleyes MyBB is simple to use.

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