Not Solved Simple Image Upload - resize Problem
Not Solved
Hi there everyone !

If I use that plugin, at first it worked like charm.
Now, no matter what I select or change - it will only post a part of the uploaded image.
I need a small version of the image I uploaded, or even the original size. Does not matter.
But not kind of a puzzle piece out of the original picture.
Anyone any idea how to solve that ? Huh

Refers to this wonderful plugin: Simple Image Upload

thanks a lot guys ! Heart

Will add a picture of what I mean, just in case someone isn't sure about it.

this is what the image looks before uploading:
and this will be inserted....a true horror story
Not Solved
I have tested this plugin and it works fine on my forum.
I'm not using the old plugin from
you can use it this one
and generate it from there

good luck

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