Not Solved MyDiscord - Installs fine, lists users, but the link is to my index.php page
Not Solved
My forum is located at:

The MyDiscord plugin installed fine. It displays fine, and it counts the number Currently Online in my Discord just fine.


The problem is that when I click on the Join Our Discord! link, the link points to my forum index page.

I've tried double-checking and triple checking things, but perhaps I am overlooking something small.
Not Solved
While the above problem with the MyDiscord plugin remains intact, I went ahead and turned the plugin off, until some time as some one can provide a solution for the problem in question.

In the meantime, I added the following link in the index.php template, just below where it says


<div style="text-align: center;"><big><big><a href="" target="_blank">Join Our PlayByMail.Net Discord!</a></big></div><br>

If anyone finds a solution for the MyDiscord plugin, just post it in this thread, whenever you figure out what the problem was. While I have a temporary workaround that doesn't require the plugin, I would still like to know what the problem is.

Therefore, this problem remains unsolved.

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