Not Solved [General] How to use modal box for text content only
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I want to use modal box to show text content only. like in home page header i add "Important News" if someone click a modal box will appear where some text content will show. something like this.

i want to use in build mybb modal, otherwise jsfiddle code also works too.
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Use a link:
<a onclick="$('#custom_modal_name').modal({ fadeDuration: 250, keepelement: true, zIndex: (typeof modal_zindex !== 'undefined' ? modal_zindex : 9999) }); return false;" style="cursor: pointer;">Link Name</a>

Input the modal:
<div class="modal" id="custom_modal_name" style="display: none;">
 modal contents here....

Change the ID of the modal to suit your needs. Current ID is custom_modal_name but you could change it to important_news for this box.

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