...This is stupid.
Why is half the this forum software designed so stupid? No way in hell is it possible to change the colors of the PHP code... The geshi plugin has 1 setting, and is also useless, and PHPcolors addon is bugged.
Ive opened every single file on the server with vs code and searched for the color code....
How is a person with a dark theme suppost to see dark blue..
No true coder uses a light theme, cause it hurts the eyes after hours of starring at it. think about it.
I like this much better than phpBB but ill tell u, it has more bugs and dumb design flaws than any other forum software there is.

Like make it possible to change the dam colors.
I mean, it's hardly a very commonly required thing for a start.

If you inspected the HTML, you'd see the CSS comes from here: https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/p...sm.min.css

All you need to do is define some CSS to override the colours, so it's actually very straight forward to do.

Unless you're talking about the ACP? In which case it would be down to the ACP theme designer to have accounted for this. Either way, the styling can be easily changed with CSS, but it's down to the theme author to do this. I'm not sure how MyBB is supposed to come pre-packed with styling that automatically works with every theme imaginable.
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(2022-08-26, 07:56 PM)C0D3D Wrote: Hi there,

Would anyone be able to help me with this problem I'm having? I use a dark theme, and my users are having a difficult time reading the blue color used in displaying PHP code. Is there a way to change it?

Thank you.

I went ahead and re-wrote your question for you, so that someone might actually want to help you.

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