copy/paste of formatted text is unreadable
When pasting formatted copy from another source into a MyBB post, it may be that a size format code renders it unreadable.
An alternative is to paste copy without the formatting using one of two methods involving source mode in the editor.
This post identifies a solution that can be easily implemented.
The thread is not the only one recently pointing out the same flaw.

Looking back at downloaded code, I notice the function in class_parser.php is unchanged since at least 1.8.12, perhaps earlier.
I also observe that 1.6.9 used a slightly different function value of $size+10 up to a max of 50.

Rather than make a core edit as pointed out in the post above, it should be considered for inclusion in 1.8.31 unless screen resolution of different devices indicates a different minimum value for font size. I have not researched that here, as I do not have a wider variety of hardware available to me.

But it seems certain that size=1 formatting is unusable at all.
I have same problem.

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