A mostly working MyBB 1.9 theme system: please test and share your feedback
thanks Liard. I have 777 -R for the directory. I know it is not safe, but considering the hassle, I did that to make things easier.

Do you think I should try 777 -R again at this point? I think I did that too.

I just tried 777 -R on the MyBB directory and then browsed to it through localhost

then it says MyBB Error 43

- remove install folder or use a lock.php file.

I added lock.php, an empty file, still not luck

Then I deleted the " install " directory. Now I get

MyBB Error 42

Quote:Error Type:
MyBB Error (42)
Error Message:
Your board has not yet been upgraded. Please do so before attempting to browse it.

ok, tried again. Fresh set of files, fresh DB, ran composer install. And again tried chmod 777 -R

But got this error after submitting the admin account info

[quote]Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '/opt/lampp/htdocs/liard3/inc/src/../vendor/autoload.php' (include_path='.:/opt/lampp/lib/php') in /opt/lampp/htdocs/liard3/inc/src/bootstrap.php on line 5[quote]
Hmm, that's odd. I'll look into this more carefully when I return to my dev setup early next week. At a quick glance, it looks like maybe the composer install didn't work properly, or maybe you need to set the 777 -R permissions after the composer installation, but neither of those possibilities make perfect sense.
Ok Smile

I did try 777 -R after composer install
OK, I'm back at my dev setup and have caught up on all that I needed to catch up on. Dilip, it honestly looks to me simply that you haven't run "composer install" in the root directory of your MyBB installation. That's the only reason I'm aware of at the moment as to why the inc/vendor/autoload.php wouldn't be present or at least unavailable to a PHP require_once statement in inc/src/bootstrap.php.

That said, I am very grateful to you for at the very least attempting to try out my code, and I hope that we can work out what's really going on so you can hopefully provide more detailed feedback. Cheers!

Now that I'm back at my dev setup, I'll try to resume development, and progress this branch even further.
Thanks Liard. Appreciate your hard work. It is possible that some packages are causing a conflict.

But there were cases where I could get past the autoload.php and still encounter some other errors. Like it works but I have to either upgrade or reinstall.

I will try to give it another go when I have time and update here with details.
Checked it out earlier Laird, great job! You've put a lot of effort in and it really shows. It looks remarkably polished with the only notable issue being the Last visit outputting the UNIX timestamp on the portal page. Smile

I hope more people decide to check it out because a single screenshot doesn't do it justice. It is really impressive work and Laird has done an incredible job, I'm looking forward to seeing the branch develop further

[Image: KNxB5I2.png]
Am I correct if your theme XML (templates) is still 14 month out of development and still using a <table> design?
As a great developer, I really appreciate your great work all time - but as long as you keep using tables, forget any other effort in webdesign.
Many/most hits today come from any mobile or portable device (phones, tablets). So, my most valued tip to you: Get rid of tables and start developing themes on a mobile device (fitting small screens) and then adapt to a desktop display (big screens easy going). Today the rule is: Mobile first!

I hope I was mistaken,
so please can you provide the latest version of your templates (mybb_themes.xml) for another revision and appreciataion Wink
For some inspiration of a 100% responsive and <table>-free design, check the link in my signature. I would be happy to support your work for more great developments.

[Image: logo_wernicke_8040.png]
MyBB Forum + innovative full-responsive Theme
Thank you, Lewis and [ExiTuS], for your very kind words.


I might be telling you something you already know, but just in case you're under a mistaken impression: the default 1.9 theme's aesthetic design was the work of Justin Soltesz, and was achieved well before I started work on 1.9, so I can't claim any credit for that. Nor can I claim credit for migrating 1.8's eval()d templates to Twig templates, which again was achieved before my time.

My work has mostly been on migrating and extending theme infrastructure from 1.8 to 1.9, including support for multiple themes which can be selected between (as in 1.8), themelet resource inheritance, and changes/updates to the ACP's Templates & Style and Plugins modules, including support for uploading themes and plugins as ZIP archives.


Even though the theme XML file has not yet been removed, it is redundant, and not used in 1.9. Templates are now in Twig format and are filesystem-based. You can browse them under inc/themes/core.default/devdist/.

As opposed to MyBB 1.8, they are rendered not with the help of eval(), but with Twig, using the new MyBB function for that purpose, template().

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