[Hiring Staff] I'm in need of some staff for my forum
Hello there. I'm looking for staff for my RP forum.

I'm the only staff member as well as admin of my forum and I'm in need of staff members to help me out.

Plus note, that I can't pay anyone.

Job openings that I really need filled up;
  • Graphics Director - Someone who can help out with site graphics.
  • Role-Playing Director - Someone who is the head of the RP staff and help out with RP stuff.

here's what which job does;
  • Graphics Director - Helps making 50x50 stamps, Event graphics, Site graphics, and helps in the graphic guild.
  • Role-Playing Director - Posts RP Events, helps with lores, points-of-interest of each RP board, and helps in the RP/writing Guild.

staff can do more then what their jobs list, but it's up to him.

To apply, just Message me on here, or join my forum and PM me for the job,

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