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[For 1.8] Watermarker - Add Watermark In the attached images
Description : Add Watermark In the attached images
Minimum Requirements
  • MyBB 1.8+
  • PHP 5.6+

Price : $70 USD per item.
Payment Method
Paypal  & Cryptocurrency as payment accepted (I Prefer Cryptocurrency,Payment fee is with customer).
Contact Method
Telegram : @MostafaShiraali
Email : [email protected]
Discord : MostafaShiraali#7754
License Summary
Two simple condition :
1. can install plugin on customer domains in unlimited numbers.
2. Can Not Share Plugin with anyone.
Features :
  1. you can Select forums that watermarker active in it.
  2. you can select Select user groups whose images will be watermarked
  3. you can select Select the user groups that will see the images with the watermark.
  4. you can enter the types of images you want the watermarker to be active on.
  5. you can enter the ID of attachments that are excluded from watermarker/
  6. you can Select watermark Type.
  7. you can enter watermark X,Y Position.
  8. you can enter watermark  text opacity. 
  9. you can enter watermark  text size. 
  10. you can enter watermark  text color (with color picker).  
  11. you can enter watermark  text font path.   
  12. you can enter angle of the text
  13. ...

ScreenShots :

Web,Windows,Android Programmer
Wordpress,Mybb,... Developer


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