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Not Solved Merge Creates Categories but no Child Forums or Threads
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Merging MyBB 1.8.33 to MyBB 1.8.33 using same local MySQL Server using different Databases between two local IIS Web Servers.

Documentation is sort of OK but what it does NOT clearly state is that the Merge should be run on the TARGET system (the system you are merging to). Lucky for me, I have the ability to quickly apply and revert Virtual Server Snapshots rather than going through mundane MyBB Backup/Restores and figured this out self.

I got super-excited when all prerequisites were met and the Merge happened without error (so the report told me).

All I can see are the Parent Forums but none of the Child Forums nor Threads.

I could have spent less than 2-minutes re-creating the Parent Forums I needed without the fuss of mucking around with “Merge” but Posts/Threads/Attachments are important.

Yes, I have checked and double-checked Forum Permissions.

I am at a loss to what I have (or haven't) done?
I hate posting here because it always proves how dumb I am but this one has got me totally stumped.
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Why do you merge when you can just copy files and DB and change (on the target server) the config to match urls and DB ?
Do not ask me help through PM or Discord
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Because I need to keep existing data on the target Server.
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Has anyone ever been successful in merging MyBB to MyBB before?
I'm keen to hear from anyone who has actually done this.
If not, then I will stop wasting time pursing this.

Nearly 2-months into this I still encounter the same issue; Merge creates the Categories but no Child Forums or Posts.

I have made new MySQL Databases and new Web Servers with clean installs of MyBB but always end up with the same issue.

I was thinking as a last-ditch attempt to export MyBB to some other Forum Software then Merge from that?
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What PHP version and the Merge System version were you using?

Please try using the dev build of the Merge System at GitHub: https://github.com/mybb/merge-system/arc...eature.zip on PHP 7.x platform. It's not ready for PHP 8 yet.
Could be wrong but worth a try.
Email me at: [email protected]
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Thanx for that.
Using PHP 7.4.16 on both source and target.
Merge version is 1.8.23.
Will try out the dev build and update here again on the results.

Noyle, you are a Legend mate!

Did a dry-run on a test Server and all Forums and Posts appeared.
A few hicups with Attachments and imbedded images but those are superficial and, I am sure, fixable.

Many thanx for pointing me in the right direction.
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