I need a plugin By which Members on Forum Can Start a Deal which includes admin
hey everyone , Basically I am looking for a plugin for mybb Where for example IF 2 members on my forum agrees on deal with each other on some service.[Image: 2tfnoTc.png] this type of start checkout should appear in inbox. When a user click start checkout and put another user's username and click proceed. the other user should get a notification of checkout started in inbox or notifications. And a Inbox conversation should start which involves Admins in it. For example my forum has 2 admins. SO now the Conversation should include  User 1 who started checkout , User 2 with whom the deal is to be done and 2 admins. So there any of the available admin Proceed the deal between both users. If there is any plugin available i would love to have this even if its paid. Or if someone can build a custom plugin for me i will be happy to pay.
anyone ? ill pay ?
Hi, the only plugin I can think of that resembles but might not be exactly what you are looking fo is the following :

It integrates with Newpoints to handle "payment".

It should be possible to code a plugin that meets your specific requirements but I'm unware of any existing solution.

is there any free plugin to test or trail of paid plugin?
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(2023-02-12, 11:27 AM)nameasd Wrote: Daaaamn, h4c0r thats you? p3rf0rm4 h4x?

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