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Sitemap Generator v1.0.5
Sitemap Generator for MyBBoard
by mavericck
latest version: 1.0.5 (10/10/07)

This plugin for MyBB 1.2.x in no longer supported. I'm writing a brand new sitemap generator for 1.4 series. So please wait until the release of MyBB 1.4 and Sitemap Generator 1.4

Full List of informations

MyBB Sitemap Generator is a plugin for MyBBoard that allows you to easily create sitemaps with all relevant URLs of your board. You can automatically generate a sitemap for all of your threads, forums, announcements and members profile pages. MyBB Sitemap generator features are:

Easy installation via plugin system
upload 3 files, activate the plugin, refresh ACP page... Done!

Integration with MyBB ACP
You can restrict the access to plugin interface using MyBB 'Admin Permissions' feature

No URL count limit
Stop using free/paid online services with a fixed limit of sitemap items

No useless links
Sitemap generator indexes only pages that guests can view (there aren't "You don't have permission to view" pages in your sitemap!)

Relevant URLs indexing
You can create a sitemap for:
  • showthread pages
  • forumdisplay pages
  • announcemnts pages
  • member profile pages

Priority Intellisense
The plugin automatically assign an high priority value to "important" pages

Full support of MyBB language system
You can easily translate the whole plugin!

SpiceFuse SEO Plugin Support
You can index link fully working with Spicefuse SEO links! plugin!


I would be pleased if you'll try this plugin and post comments/feedback/bug reporting on this thread.

Thank you for your support!
Thank you for this plug-in.

I have installed this on three MyBB forums, made sure it's activated, but can find no evidence that it has created a sitemap file of any sort in any folder, from the site's root down deep to the forum folder.

On two of the forums I left the default paths.

On a third, I put in an absolute path to the forum folder at

Gene Steinberg
Host/Executive Producer
The Paracast — The Gold Standard of Paranormal Radio
absolute paths won't work in any case.

try to:

- open sitemap.php
- go to line 408
PHP Code:
$fp fopen($path 'sitemap_' $name '_' . ($i 1) . '.xml''w'); 
PHP Code:
if ($fp == false)
cperror('Unable to open sitemap file');

PHP Code:
PHP Code:
$works fwrite($fp$contentstrlen($content));
if (
$works == false)
cperror('Unable to write sitemap file');

try to generate a sitemap and see if those errors occurr.

thank you for your feedback Wink

Does this work on windows server (IIS)
Yes, if it is allowed to create files with fopen()

i like your work, i submitted my own sitemap mod about a day before yours as a quick one with small features but yours is much better.
i did include the spicefuse seo settings though.

good work.
I'am activated plugin admin cp but my admin permisions disablet,and sitemap settings permision nonexisent...

It is not disgraceful to ask, it is disgraceful no to ask.

sory for my english .
I saw your plugin 2 day ago, but i spent a lot of time writing this code and i didn't want to waste it Toungue i'm sorry for the duplicate of the original idea Big Grin
i would be pleased to receive more feedback to bring the plugin to a stable release Wink


edit: @roy

have you allowed yourself to access the plugin in
Users and Groups -> Admin Permissions -> Can Use Sitemap Generator ?
there not permision ,and Users and Groups -> Admin Permissions -> disable complete permision...

edit :


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Less than 1 minute ago" />    Less than 1 minute ago" />   

It is not disgraceful to ask, it is disgraceful no to ask.

sory for my english .
Please try to disable/enable the plugin.
If the permission row doesn't appear, execute the follow query
ALTER TABLE YOUR_TABLE_PREFIX_adminoptions ADD canrunsitemapgen CHAR( 3 ) NOT NULL


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