[SOLVED] As Admin can't delete Posts and Threads
Hello. I installed my forum new.
I had it long time not updated with plug-ins and that little toys.
So I installed my Forum new and installed all plug-ins available which might be interesting for me in manageing my Forum.
Many Plug-ins i do not use, was just curious about what has come for download by Plugin-developers for some months.

To have again a new installed Forum, i wrote down all Plug-Ins i really will use in Forum, and made a new install again.
I make this every 2-4 months.

I do not know what happened, but now i can't delete anything as Administrator.
I check with selection-box either Threads or in Threads i check posts for deletion, but software gives me this message:

Quote:No Post ID specified.

Here a picture:
[Image: 27ej5.jpg]

But selection-box is checked, and both ways, be it post in thread or Tread in Forum can't be deleted.

I do not know where the error results from. So i can not post any template since i do not know where to look for error.
Please help me. Thank you in advance.
What plugins do you have installed?
Here is the Plugins i have installed.

- admin password
- Ajax / Cool Registration
- Hoteditor
- Akismet (did not use ye, but activated)
- Advanced Stats on Index/Portal
- Banned Users Page
- Board Message
- Quick Buddylist
- Clear Database
- Contact+
- Country Flag
- Custom Pages
- Disable Who's Online for Non-staff
- Downloads Section
- Easy Adv. Banner
- Easy Refer
- Forum Icons
- Forum stats in profile
- Forum Warning System
- Guest Access
- Hide Links to Guests
- Hide Member Profile
- Ignore Posts
- Image resizer
- *<imei> HighLight!
- Inline Ads
- IPLog Plugin
- Modnotice
- (MTR) Script Hata Giderici (Plugin from Mybbturkiye.com for eradication of javascript logout problem)
- Mybb EZSQL
- myCode Tester
- Private Messages Admin
- Private Message Report System
- Cannot send PM's To self
- Rate Post
- Posts Required To View Forums
- Post Please!
- Prevent Registration With Same Email
- Prune Members
- RSS To Post
- Rules Page
- SEO Links!
- Shoutbox
- Side Boxes!
- Spam Central
- Thread Descriptions
- Tube Video Gallery
- Avatar Upload ACP
- Unread PM Notification
- User Permissions
- Visitor Stats
- Who Voted
- Who's Online Refresh Plugin

- Thank you
- Quick Theme
- No right Klick
- Auto Assign Groups
I deactivated Akisme Plugin and everything works.
I released an update to Akismet to fix the bug

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