Upgrading your MyBB 1.2 plugins for MyBB 1.4
Bumping this since 1.4 seems VERY close and this got lost in the back field during the holiday season.

I totally missed this thread actually.

Glad to see some of the changes implemented.

Quote:So with the _install() and _uninstall() routines, I presume MyBB 1.4 will take a different approach to activation/deactivation?
My guess is that the aim is allow a mod to be "hidden" whilst still retaining it's settings - correct?

I know I will be using these to create rebuild template functions. Whenever a plugin is installed and a person adds a new theme/template the old way required the plugin to be deactivated and reactivated which would cause loss of data. Now I can create rebuild template functions without deactivation.

Good moves sirs.

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