Requests for hooks
Tikitiki Wrote:$plugins->run_hooks_by_ref("datahandler_user_validate", $this);
No offence but are you hard headed? He said this would work for you but, you probably never tried it because you think he was disrespectful.
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Did you read any of what I wrote? That solution has been proposed by Lex- not by Tiki, he just repeats it. And that solution is a hack, a pretty ugly work around, I never questioned that it works. If you add the additional part again, Lex- added, by selecting for the hook being run inside the member script, it is "reasonably" OK.

I think Tiki got mad because I caught him in saying something senseless and he couldn't backpedal anymore, calling me dense and acting like a child in the IRC channel. His argument was simply, that calling a hook that was empty is very stressful on the system, while it chokes it off pretty soon in the hook system. So instead, he tells me that the hook is senseless and i should use the work around as the "good solution", while confirming that calling a hook that actually has a function attached senselessly is worse. So he told me to do exactly what would be worse and tells me adding another hook would be bad and senseless, while it would be he solution that makes more sense even to his own logic.

Again, this is an example of a hook, a good example, in a low traffic and low risk location on top of that, to find out the answer to the question "how to request a hook?".

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