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Smethead's Mod/Plugins list [2 new plugins and 3 updated plugins]
Hello Smile

I've got this error when adding warning points :

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: outputpage() in /mnt/110/ on line 86

Can youy help me ?
Thanks Wink
Open the file fws.php replace "outputpage" with "output_page".
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Thanks a lot Wink
I can't believe that was still in there. Download files have been updated Wink
Has "Advanced Stats on Index/Portal" been updated so that it doesn't have to use Nars? Smile

FYI: I'm not a sir, dude, or guy. I am a 'miss'. Rolleyes
Actually it never really needed NARS to work. It just had the option to go to the details page.
I'm working on that plugin, but a quick fix for that option is this:
Open inc/plugins/asoi.php and find:

mind the javascript security in MyBB. the <strong></strong> tags are not in the actual code
if(file_exists("./repdetails.php") && preg_match("#nars#ix",$nars['cache'])){
				$detailsa = "<a href=\"".$mybb->settings['bburl']."/repdetails.php?uid=".$repmember['uid']."\" target=\"_self\">";
				$detailsb = "</a> <a href=\"javascript:reputation(".$repmemberb['pid'].", '');\" style=\"text-decoration:none;\">";
				$detailsc = "</a>";
				$repmember['reputation'] = nars_getreputation($repmember['reputation']);
				$detailsb = " ";

Replace that part with:
				$detailsa = "<a href=\"reputation.php?uid=".$repmember['uid']."\" target=\"_self\">";
				$detailsb = "</a> <a href=\"javascript:MyBB.reputation(".$repmember['uid'].");\" style=\"text-decoration:none;\">";
				$detailsc = "</a>";
				$repmember['reputation'] = get_reputation($repmember['reputation']);

for those using Classic Reputation System:
$detailsa = "";
				$detailsb = " ";
				$detailsc = "";
				$repmember['reputation'] = crs_get_reputation($repmember['reputation']);
Save the file and upload it again..
Just change that line to
$detailsb = "</a> <a href=\"#\" onclick=\"MyBB.reputation(".$repmember['uid']."); return false;\" style=\"text-decoration:none;\">";
Advanced Stats on Index/Portal has been updated a bit.

The biggest updates are:
• Compatible with 'Classic Reputation System'-plugin.
• 3 Styles

I can't give any screenshots of these styles. Because you can't show a mouseclick on a screenshot. There are 3 styles (Normal, Hover, Expand & Collapse).
Normal is the style you're used to. I can't really say very much about it. There's nothing really new added there.
Hover is a new style. It looks like the Normal style, but the additional information is not visible. With that I mean you can't see (for example) how much posts the top posters have made. You can only see these things when you hover over the items in the list.
Expand & Collapse is a clean style. What you get is only the titles (like Today's Top Posters, Most Viewed Threads, ...). Once you click on one of these titles, the list belonging to that title is shown. From then on, the lists are shown of the titles you hover over. You can still click on items in the list. The lists disappear as soon as you click a title again.

I've added these two styles because I think they might be useful for people who want to show lots of stats or have a theme which makes their board smaller, which causes the tables in the list to be smaller and thus messed up a bit.

Another noticable improvement is that you do not longer need colspan="". This solves problems that occur with other plugins like Online Today. I've seen these problems a lot. (example thread)

Changelog Wrote:2.3: FIX: Problem with unviewable forums fixed
FIX: (N)ARS is no longer needed to get direct links to details pages and voting. (this was a leftover from MyBB 1.1.x)
ADD: Language file existence check added.
UPD: Less template changes.
UPD: The colspan="" is no longer needed. This solves problems with other plugins.
UPD: Cleaned up code.
ADD: Made compatible with Classic Reputation System.
UPD: Replacing the stats to a different place on the page is now easier than before.
ADD: An additional Setting is added to choose different styles. Hover and Expand & Collapse are the new styles.
UPD: Latest members are now ordered by their regdate instead of uid.
UPD: The stats in the portal now work better with custom themes.

I tried installing the new version of ASOI, but it says in the plugin manager it's still 2.2. And I checked the settings and there's no hover, normal, ect.

Maybe you uploaded wrong file?

FYI: I'm not a sir, dude, or guy. I am a 'miss'. Rolleyes
Yes, I had indeed uploaded the wrong file.

Thanks Wink

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