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Smethead's Mod/Plugins list [2 new plugins and 3 updated plugins]
Quote:CRS doesn't use comments anymore.
O.O What happened to the comments?
I just installed the calendar, but the date is all wrong 0.o
Forum Warning System how possible pole ban feature ?

It is not disgraceful to ask, it is disgraceful no to ask.

sory for my english .
The date continuously shows the 30th March....
Hi Smethead,

I downloaded your CRS plugin from so I don't know if it was up to date but version 1.1 has a bug. The crs_rip is a smallint so it only supports pids up to 32767.

Your calendar plug-in is very nice Smethead. But I had to adjust the first day of the week.

So if anyone has the same problem, here is my suggestion:
	// Blank space before first day
-----[ADD AFTER]-----
	$firstday = 1;
	if ($sblanks < $firstday)
	$sblanks = $sblanks + 7 - $firstday;
		$sblanks -= $firstday;
($firstday is 1 for monday, 2 for Tuesday...)
Afterwards you will have to edit the portal_calendar template manually in order to get the right order for the days in the head table row of the calendar. You could even make a fifth setting for $firstday, but as you still have to edit one template manually...I think it is not worth the work.
hello i have a problem with the advance statics or <!-- ASOIP_2_0_P -->Smile

when i activate it, i donĀ“t can see the latest threads at the portal..
and i can see the statics!

when i dissable the portal statics, than i can see the latest threads in the portal..

i dont have a idea whats the problem is??

can someone help me please??

my side is

now its not activatet because i need the latest threads
dear smethead,
i am a turkish translater thx for Thread Description plug in it is realy good one. here is the turkish lang package for you..
have a nice night..

.zip   turkish (Size: 3.36 KB / Downloads: 109)
Will you be updating your advanced stats Smethead?

Thank you
(2008-08-03, 02:27 PM)hemi Wrote: Will you be updating your advanced stats Smethead?

Thank you

Havent seen this guy in a good while. Sad A few i wouldnt mind seeing updated for 1.4 such as thread descriptions.

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