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Smethead's Mod/Plugins list [2 new plugins and 3 updated plugins]
Quick Quote MyBB 1.0 buttons available in Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian and Spanish
Download them @

And NARS will be multilangual too soon. Some people are already translating now.
Wow, this thread needs some cleaning up.
Anywayz... Two new plugins released: "Advanced Stats on Index" and "Classic Navigation"
See the first post of this thread. They both work on MyBB 1.0 and MyBB PR2. But I recommend using the 1.0 version. Most people have updated their pr2 to 1.0 anyway (If you didn't, do it as quickly as possible).
I'll create an online test board very soon, so you can all test the plugins before downloading them.
Also, almost all my mods from now on will have language support (the same used in MyBB). The only thing you have to do is upload one more file to forum/inc/languages/english for english (You MUST upload the english file!) and other language files for every other language pack you have installed on your board.
Ok, first something that is also quite important:

For the users running the 'Advanced Stats on Index'-plugin, please download the upgrade and install it now. It has an important security fix. Forums and threads which aren't supposed to be seen by some users (like hidden forums) don't show up in the lists anymore.
The update is simple enough. Deactivate the plugin, upload the new version to your plugins directory and activate it again.
I also took the time to add some other things: There are two new types of lists. You can now also show 'Most Popular Forums' and the 'Highest Reputated Members'. There is also like I said the 'backup'-feature. If you have to disable the plugin for whatever reason, it creates backups of your current settings and it can restore them after being re-activated.

But here is something way bigger: Alternative Reputation System 2:
This new version is based on the first one, but almost totally rewritten and therefor cleaned up a lot.
It comes with a total of 14 settings that can all be backed-up using the backup-feature. You can also back-up which reputations that are reported and how much warnings every user has.
There is also a new type of user recognised by the plugin: The Rep-Moderators. You can choose which usergroups are rep-moderators. You can also set EVERY colour in the whole plugin without having to edit files.
On top of that, the plugin is completely multilangual and there are already some languages supplied in the zip-file (Dutch, German and Italian).
Further, it is possible to set the length of a ban, and how much warnings a user should receive before being banned.
And the greatest thing of all is: IT'S A TOTAL PLUGIN! It no longer needs the narssettings file (which caused a lot of problems on some boards) and there are no manual file changes needed. You just have to upload the new nars.php to your inc/plugins/ directory and some other files to the main forum directory and click the Activate button in the plugin manager. (If you update, Deactivate the plugin before uploading any files.)
It is also fully compatible with decswxaqz' 'Advanced Plugins'-plugin and uses its readme and update functions. There are some FAQs written down in that readme function.
And for all people who just like to read changelogs: It was getting too long, so I removed it from the README.txt file. You can still access a complete changelog if you have the 'Advanced Plugins'-plugin activated. But if you don't have it, here it is:
UPD: 	Almost totally rewritten the files and cleaned them up.
	FIX: 	A bug with reasons for reporting that have quotation marks is now fixed.
	ADD: 	Language support. The language is automatically set to the one the user has chosen for MyBB.
	UPD: 	The button "Can't Give Reputation" shows on your own profile and reputation details (also when you are the 'lastposter').
	FIX: 	Usernames now have the correct namestyle when a user's displaygroup differs from his usergroup.
	ADD: 	Admins can change settings and colours via AdminCP >> Board Settings >> Change >> Alternative Reputation System Settings.
	UPD: 	No more need for replacement files. Everything goes automatically.
	UPD: 	No more need for the narssettings.php file. These settings are stored in the database and the board's settings file.
	UPD: 	Recounting stats is now also accessible via the settings. And you can choose which character(s) to seperate the reputations with.
	ADD: 	A readme function was added for people using decswxaqz' 'Advanced Plugins'-plugin.
	UPD: 	The (N) is removed from the Mod's name.
	ADD: 	An auto update function and an update check function are added for people using decswxaqz' 'Advanced Plugins'-plugin.
	UPD: 	The recount page is now styled.
	FIX: 	Guests don't have reputation links on thier postbits anymore.
	ADD: 	Reputation numbers' colours can now be set too.
	UPD: 	INSTALL.txt has been removed. The Installation Procedure is so short, it's placed in the README.txt file again.
	UPD: 	The reputation details page is now repdetails.php. Reputation2.php does something totally different now.
	ADD: 	There is now an ability to backup your settings, reported posts and reportwarnings if you need to deactivate the plugin.
	ADD: 	Added 2 settings to allow you to choose which usergroups should be Rep-Moderators. Administrators are always Rep-Moderators.
	ADD: 	Rep-Moderators can now choose to show the reported reputations, or all the reputations if they are already on the repdetails.php page.
	UPD: 	When there is no user selected on the repdetails.php page and a Rep-Moderator watches the reported reputations, they can now see who the reputations were sent to.
	UPD: 	The links when reporting or deleting a reputation have been removed.
	UPD: 	When giving a reputations, positive is selected by default.
	ADD: 	Admins can now change the length of a ban, and how much warnings a user receives before banning.
That's it. Enjoy these new plugins Toungue
I have never been able to get your plugins to work. I hope maybe you can shed some light on my errors. I followed your instructions per word exactly on the plugin advanced stats. I've attached a sreenshot for you to see of that error in the box I'm getting.

Next I get this error when i try and activate your rep system. I have tried to use this before and got the same error:

mySQL error: 1060
Duplicate column name 'reported'
Query: ALTER TABLE mybb_reputation ADD reported CHAR( 3 ) NOT NULL, ADD reason VARCHAR( 255 ) NOT NULL

Again I followed the instructions exactly. After wasting much time I thought I should ask. I haven't renamed any tables and I dont know how I'm getting duplicate ones when I try and activate this feature.

Thank You
Great plugins-Hope I can get them to work.

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About the advanced stats plugins: what happens if you disable the 'enhanced stats' plugin from zaher1988?

About Alternative Rep System: Make a php file with this code and upload it to your main directory:
require "./global.php";
global $db;
$db->query("DELETE FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."settings WHERE name IN('nars_positive_text', 'nars_neutral_bground', 'nars_positive_bground', 'nars_negative_text', 'nars_negative_bground', 'nars_neutral_text', 'nars_warning', 'nars_text_colour', 'nars_recount_reputations', 'nars_backups', 'nars_reporters', 'nars_extra_reporters', 'nars_bantime', 'nars_warnings', 'nars_table_colour', 'nars_show_details', 'nars_allow_empty_comments', 'nars_minimum_posts', 'nars_pm_sender')");
$db->query("DELETE FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."settinggroups WHERE name='Alternative Reputation System Settings'");
$db->query("DELETE FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."templates WHERE title IN('reputation2', 'reputation_add_ars', 'reputation_update', 'reputation2_report', 'reputation2_delete', 'nars_report', 'nars_not_enough_posts', 'nars_empty_comment')");

$db->query("ALTER TABLE ".TABLE_PREFIX."reputation DROP reported , DROP reason , DROP showtoall , DROP reportedby");
	$db->query("ALTER TABLE ".TABLE_PREFIX."users DROP reportwarnings");
echo "<br>DONE";
Then run the file just by browsing to it. It will remove all the database changes made, so duplicate rows don't exist anymore. After that, you can remove the file again. You will probably have to activate, deactivate and activate the plugin after that.
Quote:About the advanced stats plugins: what happens if you disable the 'enhanced stats' plugin from zaher1988?

I'm not using that plugin from zaher1988. But what I'm doing is attaching another screen to show what I have activated as plugins Smethead. Thank you. Im very excited about the alternative rep system, about to try it out in a moment.

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Ah ha, got it working after assigning permissions to a few files, very bice Smile One last question however, lol, sorry, anyway, I'm attaching another screen of a user I gave a rep to, I can't see the comment I left?

How do I edit these reputations like take one away if it's negative?

Thanks again, and thank you for taking the time out to make such a great mod, this is really a great mod.

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Oops, that seems to be a bug. I'll post an update very soon.
[edit]Attached are a new repdetails file and a new nars file.[/edit]
The download package has been updated too.
I may be wrong, but that\'s how I learn :~)
chiefsaab Wrote:Smethead is there anyway to use it on portal page? I will be highly thankful if you could please help me in this regard. I want it for my MyBB portal page. Thanx Smile
ok, I guess that can be done.
chiefsaab Wrote:I am also looking for these mods to be soon compatible with 1.0? Are you working on them?

Quote:5. Simple Calendar on Portal *
description: Adds a simple calendar on the Portal page.
If the day is blue, there is a birthday. If the day is red, there is an event. If the day is purple, there is a birthday and an event.
Compatible with the selected language.
Shows the month in the header.

6. Usertitles through Member Ratings *
description: Lets the usertitle be defined by the user's rating.
Adds a Setting Group in the AdminCP in which the setting to enable or disable this mod is added.
You can access these settings via "AdminCP -> Board Settings -> Change -> Modification Settings".
The Simple calendar is goning to be converted very soon. (probably next week)
The Usertitles through member ratings wasn't on my to do list. But I'll consider it Smile

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