Remove registration and translation

I have no idea if this is the right place to post this...

I want to remove the registration option from my forum, but I have have no idea how to do this (I only have experience programming html).

Secondly I would like to translate (at least parts of) the forum. Is there an easy way to do this? Is the main part of the forum in a single file, or do I have to translate in multiple files?

Hope someone can help with these things.

Thank you
To disable registrations:
Admin cp > board settings > change > User Registration and Profile Options > disable registrations > yes

Look in the internationalization section for language packs.
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Thank you so much.
Should have look through the CP before asking Rolleyes
Even found out how to change the time so it fits my own time zone...
Still I would love to be able to remove the registration link, would this be possible without to much work (I know it's just a detail Big Grin)?

Regarding the translation. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a language-pack in Danish. Would it be too difficult for me to try and translate it myself, having no knowledge of PHP?
From the little time I've spent browsing through the various .php files, I have a difficult time finding out what might be text for the site...

Thanks again

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