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decswxaqz's plugin list - 13th May: Easy Install v2.0
The Version of the Plug in is 1.2, but the Version for the MyBB is 1.1.x... so this plugin is not gonna work on MyBB 1.2
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Will any of these be upgreaded
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I REALLY NEED HELPP! ok well i installed EI.... some of the lines were different in my files... but it activated and stuff and then i try to install Advanced Plugins and this comes up.... please help! this is when i try to activate Confused
Quote:Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/www/ on line 30

THANKS! and if u want to e-mail me.... [email protected] thanks!
Doesn't work with MyBB 1.2 Read above.
I want to update it for MyBB 1.2, but he has not told me that it is ok. Sad
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Some one please change the Cash Mod to work with the latest version.

Nobody here?

Very surprising....
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Just use Labrocca's Point system....
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Hey, I have a question. Is there a spot where you can use these points to buy things like colored usernames and all that stuff?
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MyBux does not have all the features of decswxaqz's cash mod.

This is a key function for my forum and for many others:
Quote:Configure each forum to have it's own values.

Still running 1.1.x because of that.
I hope this isn't a bump but..

None of the links in the first post work anymore.. Could it be because the Mod System was re-done? Sad

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