thanks LeX- as usual you made it!
waiting the release Toungue
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tony84 Wrote:lex thats pretty amazing, im happy with the 1 submission per user - multiple submissions would be nice but in my case really isnt needed.

Just 1 thing - where it says name is it also possible to have forum username. And im not sure if thi can be done or not but due to the nature of my forum i dont really want people to be able to upload avater/ signature or banner, its not too much of a problem as i really do like what you have done but im just thinking if its possible. (I am extremely grateful though and i will make a donation albeit probably small for your help)

Will make a setting for it, 'ability to upload banner' or so =P And another setting will be "categories", though of that while i was at work =P So on the page where all submissions will be shown, you can "sort" them per category.
The avatar/signature part is just the one they use in posts.

Edit: Done v
* Categories [Text]
* Upload [YesNo]
* Preview Of Submission
Sounds pretty good
Hi Lex, sorry to pester you but do you have a rough idea of when this will be complete?
Just finished the user-side of it, now only the adminpage needs to be done.
Will release a 'beta' this evening. Then i'm gonna start to clean up the code a bit and maybe (//crosses his fingers) fixing not to many bugs =P
Big Grin thanks for the update i dont mind testing it out for you
Here it is =P I've kept everything as basic as possible, especially the ACP panel =P Will redo it when i'm in a better mood Wink
Upload every folder of the zip to its corresponding folder in your mybb directory. And activate the plugin; overhere the replace_templates didn't work properly for the header link, so i've added a 'manual_template_changes.txt' where you can look in how to add the link manually.

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yay, thanks man
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http://finan (without the space i had the following error:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: usercp_menu() in /home/monery/public_html/financegurus/mydir.php on line 21
That's a normal MyBB function though =P Gonna register at your site and look to it, cause now i receive a permission error and a jscript error 'switchcontent aint defined'; but thats not related to my plugin =P


Redownload the package and reupload mydir.php ( root ).

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